KalaRasa Art House 6th Floor, "The High street Mall"
11th Main, Jayanagar 4th Block
Bangalore, India - 560011, Map
Tel:+91 9900867720
Email: contact@kalarasa.com
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About KalaRasa Art House, based in Bangalore - India

KalaRasa is the brainchild of passionate supporters of art. We at KalaRasa see art as an overall life experience which enriches our senses and changes the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

KalaRasa which translates to “Flavors of Art” is a platform for various artistic expressions that resonate with the soul of the audience in more ways than one. It is a vibrant space for sculptors and curators; budding artists and renowned ones; literature lovers as well as culture enthusiasts. KalaRasa is a first-of-its-kind art studio, situated on the top floor of an upscale building, overlooking the splendid expanse of South Bangalore. KalaRasa made its debut in August 2013 with a massive show featuring 71 Karnataka artists. We have an exciting line up of shows planned for 2014 which will feature works of old masters as well as inspiring works of emerging artists. We hope to be one of the few galleries that support emerging talent and constantly find ways to help them get exposure to a wide audience. This unique space is an ode to the eclectic cultural landscape of India Read more
Current Exhibition
‘Elemental explorations’
Nov 05 2013 to Dec 05 2013
Elemental Explorations is a show that illuminates the very simplicity of life even through its complexities. Sculpture, paintings, graphic art.. Read More
Previous Exhibition
‘Silent Hues’
Oct 19 2013 to Nov 05 2013
The show “Silent Hues“ is an amalgamation of various styles and mediums created by deaf and mute artists who despite the odds, have gone on to conquer art. .. Read More

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