KalaRasa Art House 6th Floor, "The High street Mall"
11th Main, Jayanagar 4th Block
Bangalore, India - 560011, Map
Tel:+91 9900867720
Email: contact@kalarasa.com
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Art Gallery

KalaRasa Art Gallery is a multi-faceted space that exhibits all genres of contemporary art.

From poignant paintings that touch your heart to new-age installations that stimulate your intellect, we have a diverse portfolio of artists and exhibits.

Originality of the artwork and sincerity of the artist is the prime criteria in selecting artwork at KalaRasa. We believe good art will find always its buyers so we do not exhibit overtly commercial / derivative art just to generate sales. Our selection panel looks at each artist’s application and examines her/his entire creative output to assess their potential as a professional artist. We strongly believe in mentoring highly talented artists and if they meet the above criteria we will provide the necessary environment for them to flourish and reach the heights of their creativity.

Besides the above KalaRasa also offers Art Consultancy services to architects, designers and clients wishing to commission a site-specific or project-specific artwork whether it is a sculpture, mural or painting. Our art consultants have several years of experience in conceptualizing and executing projects for corporate, hospitality and public spaces.

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